Conference on Geometric Analysis

21-25 May, 2018 - Beijing
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Many celebrated results in geometry and topology have been proved by geometric analysis approaches in recent years. The conference offers a glimpse of some recent developments in geometric analysis. A wide range of subjects will be discussed, including geometric flows, minimal surfaces and variational problems, analysis on complete manifolds, general relativity. We especially encourage students and young researchers to participate in the conference.The primary goal of the conference is to provide an occasion for experts on these fields to communicate with each other, anticipate the trends of further projects, and help young researchers and students to be familiar with these subjects.

Invited Speaker

Richard Bamler (Berkeley)

Bing-Long Chen (Sun Yat-Sen)

Jingyi Chen (UBC)

Otis Chodosh (Princeton)

Robert Haslhofer (Toronto)

Ovidiu Munteanu (Connecticut)

Tobias Lamm (KIT)

Huy The Nguyen (QMUL)

Lei Ni (UCSD)

Felix Schulze (UCL)

Weimin Sheng (Zhejiang Univ)

Yuguang Shi (Beijing Univ)

Miles Simon (OVGU)

Burkhard Wilking(Munster)

Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard)

Xi-Ping Zhu(Sun Yat-Sen)

Organising  Committee

Shiu-Yuen Cheng (Tsinghua)

Ernst Kuwert (Freiburg)

Yuxiang Li (Tsinghua)


Jiaping Wang (Minnesota)

Guoyi Xu (Tsinghua)


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