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  • Guan, Bo (12.21-12.22)
  • Chen, Wenxiong (10.23-10.25)
  • Shen, Cunli (10.14-10.27)
  • Han, Qing
  • Mike,Davis (6.23-6.29)
  • Xu, Xingwang (6.25-6.30)
  • Wang, Xujia (6.25-6.30)
  • Ma, Xinan (6.25-6.26)


PDE & Nonlinear Analysis Research Group is interested in nonlinear partial differential equations from applied sciences as well as from modern geometric problems, and works on elliptic equations, nonlinear evolution equations, geometric analysis and topologic and functional methods for nonlinear partial differential equations.

 Current Topics
  • model equations in seiconductors and Superconductors
  • Boltzmann Equation
  • nonliear parabolic equations and geometric flows (incluidng Harmonic flow, Ricci flow, mean curvature flow and Schrodinger flow)
  • varitional and blow up methods in geometric equations
  • topologic and functional methods in nonlinear partial differential equations



Title: TBA
Speaker: Prof. J. Mawhin
Time: 2009.5.26, 15:30-16:30
Venue: New Science Building (理科楼) 1304

  • PDE与非线性分析系列讲座


  • Mini-workshop on Applied PDEs

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