Autumn School and Workshop:

Discrete Schrödinger Operators and Quasi-Periodic Systems

November 12-16, 2016

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Tsinghua University, Beijing

Aim and scope

Discrete Schrödinger operators and quasi-periodic dynamical systems are two intimately related fields. One is originated from solid physics and the other is originated from celestial mechanics. Since 1980s, stimulated by the study of almost Mathieu operator and the famous Andre-Aubry conjecture, the connection between these two fields are greatly strengthened. The summit is the series of works of Avila and his collaborators on the spectral properties of Schrödinger operators with analytic potentials.

The goal of this autumn school and workshop is to gather the experts who works on discrete Schrödinger operators and on quasi-periodic dynamical systems to communicate with each other and stimulate new researches on these two fields. Several mini-courses on the basic theories will be arranged, which aim at giving a quick introduction of the basic theories to the students. Various talks will also be provided to report the most recent developments on both fields.


  • Bassam Fayad : Université Paris VII
  • Yanhui Qu: Tsinghua university
  • Zhiying Wen: Tsinghua university

    Invited speakers

  • Hakan Eliasson : Université Paris VII
  • Shinichi Kotani: Osaka University
  • Raphaël Krikorian: University of Cergy-Pontoise
  • Qinghui Liu: Beijing Institute of technology
  • Fumihiko Nakano: Gakushuin University
  • Shanzhong Sun: Capital Normal University
  • Yiqian Wang: Nanjing University
  • Qiaoling Wei: Capital Normal University
  • Xiao Yao: Fudan University
  • Jiangong You : Chern Institute of Mathematics
  • Qi Zhou: Nanjing University

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    Titles and abstracts (pdf)

    Useful informations

  • Map of Tsinghua University (pdf)
  • Map of hotel (pdf)

    The hotel: "Holiday inn Beijing Haidian" is located in the WUDAOKOU area, near the metro station QINGHUADONGLUXIKOU of line 15 and the metro station WUDAOKOU of line 13.

  • Practical informations (pdf)


    Yanhui Qu,
    Department of mathematical sciences, Tsinghua University,
    Beijing, China 100084

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