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Focus on variational and topological methods including minimax theory, Morse theory, degree theory, cohomology  theory. Applications are mainly on PDEs and Hamiltonian systems..

Publications (83 articles)


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2010 and before:

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  1. Ground states of Schrodinger equations with critical exponential growth in RN (with J. Zhang)
  2. A concentration behavior for semilinear elliptic systems with indefinite weight (with X. Zhong
  3. On doubly critical elliptic systems in RN involving indefinite weights (with X. Zhong)
  4. Ground state and multiple solutions via generalized Nehari manifold (with X. Zhong)
  5. Critical Schrodinger systems in RN with indefinite weight and Hardy potential (with X. Zhong)
  6. Sign-changing Solutions and Phase Separation for an Elliptic System with Critical Exponent (with Z. Chen, C. S. Lin)
  7. Infinitely many sign-changing and semi-nodal solutions for a nonlinear Schrodinger system (with Z. Chen, C. S. Lin)
  8. On a critically coupled perturbed Brezis-Nirenberg problem (with Z. Chen)


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