Shenghao Sun

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email: shsun [at] math dot tsinghua dot edu dot cn

Research Interests

algebraic geometry and number theory, more specifically, etale cohomology, perverse sheaves, compatible systems, L-functions.

My CV.


L-Series of Artin Stacks over finite fields, Algebra and Number Theory, Vol. 6, No. 1 (2012), 47-122.

Decomposition Theorem for Perverse sheaves on Artin stacks over finite fields, Duke Math. J., Vol. 161, No. 12 (2012), 2297-2310.

Logarithmic Geometry and Moduli, coauthored with Dan Abramovich, Qile Chen, Danny Gillam, Yuhao Huang, Martin Olsson, Matthew Satriano, in Handbook of Moduli, Farkas and Morrison, eds.

Generic Base Change, Artin's Comparison Theorem, and the Decomposition Theorem for Complex Artin stacks, accepted by J. of Algebraic Geometry, available at arXiv:1511.01393.

Parity and symmetry in intersection and ordinary cohomology, with Weizhe Zheng, ANT, Vol. 10, No. 2 (2016), 235-307.

Independence of l for the supports in the Decomposition Theorem, submitted, available at arXiv:1512.01447.

Teaching and Seminars.

Some Notes of Courses

Commutative algebra and Homological algebra, Linear algebraic groups.


Zeros of the Riemann zeta function
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Some papers of Robert P. Langlands.
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Ken Ribet
Arthur Ogus
Martin Olsson (my thesis advisor)
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Benedict H. Gross
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