When I was two years old! (1974)






When I was a Young Pioneer! (1980)








When I got B. S. degree in the Dept. of Mathematics, Tsinghua University. (This dress is not for B.S. degree) (1995, July)






I was shooting a gun. (1996, Jan.)






I was shooting a submachine gun. (1996, Jan.)




It was taken on the Shang Hai Tower. (1998, June)






I was playing football. (1998, June)





When I was a Ph.D. student in the Dept. of Mathematics, Tsinghua University. (1999, March)





Some of my classmates visited me. (1999, June)




I invited some of my classmates to have dinner together. (1999, June)





It was taken in the Tian An Men square for the Establishment of Hong Kong SAR. The fireworks broke in the sky. (1999, June 30 and July 1)





The picture was taken in Hong Kong. (1999, July 15, 18:30)





This was taken in the subway of Hong Kong. (1999, July 18)



Prof. Zeng, Shuo Ye, Yijun Shao and I were in the New Science Building. (1999, Oct.)





Prof. Dazhong Wang, president of Tsinghua University, gave me the Doctor Diploma. (2000, July 3, 14:30)







Prof. Yunbo Zeng took photos with Master Xin Cao and me at the front of the New Science Building. (2000, July 3, 17:00)