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Prof. Jiaxin HU(胡家信)
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Tsinghua University
Beijing, 100084
P. R. China
Email: hujiaxinATmailDOTtsinghuaDOTeduDOTcn
Tel : +86 10 627-87513

Fax: +86 10 6277 3400 or +86 10 6278 5847

Office: Room A320, New Science Building (see Lotus Pond)


Research Interests:

ˇ       Partial Differential Equations

ˇ       Fractal Geometry

ˇ       Potential theory (eg. Heat kernels, Dirichlet forms)

ˇ       Stochastic processes

Selected reprints/preprints:

see here


ˇ       Linear Algebra and Geometry. ( see here)

ˇ       Calculus (I)

ˇ       Multi-Variable Calculus.

ˇ       How to draw fractal pictures". ( see tree)

ˇ       Probability


ˇ       Fractal Geometry.

ˇ       Geometric measure theory.

ˇ       Harmonic Analysis.

ˇ       Complex Analysis(II)


see here


see here



ˇ       Humboldt Research Fellowship, Germany

ˇ       ORS from the British Council, United Kingdom


ˇ       Each year there is a limited number of scholarships leading to a postgrad study in our group. The criteria for scholarships are based only on your academic performance. If any one is interested, please feel free to contact me.

Former Master and PhD Students and Postdocs:


1.      Meng Yang, University of Bielefeld, Germany (Initial employer after graduation) (January 2018).

2.      Hongwei Bao, Postdoc (September, 2017), Ningbo University (Initial employer after graduation)

3.      Xuliang Li, Watrix Technology (Beijing) (Initial employer after graduation) (PhD, 2017).

4.      Chaoyi Zhu, Ubiquant Investment (Beijing) (Initial employer after graduation) (Master, 2017).

5.      Pichit Boonkrong(张子龙), Thailand, Lecturer at Rangsit University (Initial employer after graduation) (PhD, 2016).

6.      Xiaoman Dou, Postdoc, Bosera Funds, Shenzhen, China (Initial employer after graduation) (PhD, 2015).

7.      Qingsong Gu, Academic Visitor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Initial employer after graduation) (PhD, 2015).

8.      XiaoXiang Chai, PhD student, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Initial employer after graduation) (Master, 2015).

9.      Song Huang, Guangzhou Securities, Guangzhou, China (Initial employer after graduation) (Master, 2015).

10.   Eryan Hu, Postdoc, Beijing Institute of Technology, China (Initial employer after graduation) (PhD, 2013).

11.   Yuhua Sun, University of Bielefeld, Germany (Initial employer after graduation) (2012).

12.   Xueping Huang, University of Bielefeld, Germany (Initial employer after graduation) (Master, 2008).

13.   X.S. Wang, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK (Initial employer after graduation) (Master, 2006).

14.   Yuan Ji, China Everbright Bank, China (Initial employer after graduation) (PhD, 2006, Joint Supervisor).



ˇ       Mathscinet.

ˇ       Mathweb

ˇ       arxiv

ˇ       MathSciDoc

ˇ       scholar.google.com

ˇ       Hang Lung Mathematics Awards

ˇ       Millennium Mathematical Problems

ˇ       About Beijing

ˇ       Chinese input

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Hobby: Hiking, and Poetry of the Song Dynasty of China (960-1279), and two doodles (线性空间假如),

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