International Conference on Algebra,
In Celebration of Professor Zhexian Wan's 80th Birthday
August 2007, Beijing
Tsinghua University. August 18 to 20 2007

Sponsors: Department of Mathematical Sciences,Tsinghua University. Institute of System Sciences, Academia Sinica

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Registration and Accommodation
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This email should contain: name and address, dates of arrival and departure, statement if an invitation letter (for a visa) is needed, statement if accommodation is needed.

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We plan to arrange all participants  not from Beijing to live in the campus. But the number of rooms is limited.

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  1. First Announcement
  2. Invited speakers

Eiichi Bannai

Kyushu University

Minqiang Huang

Institute of Systems Science, CAS

Tayuan Huang

National Chiao Tung University

Ming-chang Kang

National Taiwan University

William M. Kantor

University of Oregon

A. S. Kleshchev

Univ. Oregon

T. Y. Lam

U. C. Berkeley

J. Lepowsky

Rutgers Univ.

Winne Li

Penn. State Univ.

T. T. Moh

Purdue University

G. Mullen

Penn. State Univ.

V. Pless

Univ. Illinois at Chicago

D. K. Raychaudhuri

Ohio State Univ.

Yucai Su

Univ. of Sci. and Tech. of China

Xiaotao Sun


H. C. A. van Tilborg

Technical University of Eindnoven, Netherlands

Chaoping Xing

National University of Singapore

Ruibin Zhang

University of Sydney


e.    Organizing Committee

Keqin Feng(chairman), Xiaoshan Gao (chairman)Jie Xiao, Hechun Zhang, Bin ZhuJianpan Wang, Mulan Liu, Fuan Li, Zhongming Tang, Yucai Su, Shaobin Tan, Tiangang Lei, Yang Jin'gen, Zhang Yingbo

  1. Program Committee

Chongyin Dong(chairman), Zongzhu Lin, Jiping Zhang, Jianyi Shi, Kaiming Zhao, Xiaotao Sun, Liangang Peng

  1. Participants

  g. Poster

  1. Contact local organizers

      Jie Xiao, Hechun Zhang, Bin Zhu