Fan Xu

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Tsinghua University
Beijing, 100084, P. R. China

E-mail: fanxu at


The Semester: 2010.3-2010.7



地点:技术科学楼 1327-1347


[10]  (With Xueqing Chen) A geomertization of the Happel functor, to appear in Mathematical Reports of the Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada.
[9]  (With Jie Sheng) Derived Hall algebras and lattice algebras, to appear in Algebra Colloquium.
[8]  (With Ming Ding) A $\mathbb{Z}$-basis for the cluster algebra of type $\widetilde{D}_4$, to appear in Algebra Colloquium.
[7]  (With Jie Xiao) Green's formula with $\mathbb{C}^{*}$-action and Caldero-Keller's formula for cluster algebras, to appear in Prog. Math, Birh\"auser.
[6]  (With Ming Ding and Jie Xiao) Realizing Enveloping Algebras via Varieties of Modules, to appear in Acta Math. Sinica.
[5]  On the cluster multiplication theorem for acyclic cluster algebras, Transaction A.M.S., 362 (2010), no.2, 753- 776.
[4]  (With Jie Xiao) A multiplication formula for module subcategories of Ext-symmetry, Proceedings A.M.S., 137 (2009), no.8, 2517-2528.
[3]  (With Jie Xiao) Green formula in Hall algebras and cluster algebras, 第四届国际华人数学家大会 2007, Vol I, 252-285.
[2]  (With Jie Xiao) Hall algebras associated to triangulated categories, Duke Math. J. Vol. 143 (2008), no.2, 357-373.

[1]  A note on the fundamental group of a triangular algebra, Algebra Colloq. Vol. 15 (2008), no.3, 371-378 .


[1]  (With Jie Xiao and Guanglian Zhang) Derived categories and Lie algebras, arXiv: 0604564.
[2]  Hall algebras associated to triangulated categories, II: almost associativity, arXiv: 0710. 5588.
[3]  (With Ming Ding and Jie Xiao) Integral bases of cluster algebras and representations of tame quivers, arXiv: 0901.1937.
[4]  (With Xueqing Chen) Hall algebras for odd periodic triangulated categories , arXiv:1001.4353.
[5]  (With Ming Ding ) The cluster character for cyclic quivers, arXiv:1001.4360.
[6]  (With Ming Ding ) Notes on the cluster multiplication formulas for 2-Calabi-Yau categories, arXiv: 1001.4365.
[7]  (With Ming Ding) Bases of the quantum cluster algebra of the Kronecker quiver, arXiv:1004.2349.


[1]  Talk at Workshop on representations and categorifications, April 15-16, 2010. Talk's slides.
[2]  Talk at Conference on Interplay between Representation Theory and Geometry, May 3-7, 2010. Talk's slides.