Ph.D.(Bielefeld,1999), Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematical Sciences,

Tsinghua University,

Beijing 100084, P.R.China

Office: Room 1208, Science Building (Math.)

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Brief CV

  • Education:
    • Oct.1997-Mar.1999, Ph.D. student in Falkultaet fuer Mathematik, Universitaet Bielefeld.
      Supervisor: Professor Dr. C.M.Ringel.
    • Sept.1995-Sept.1997, Ph.D. student in Department of Mathematics, Beijing Normal University.
      Supervisor: Professor Shaoxue Liu.
    • Sept.1986-Jul.1989, Graduate student at Department of Mathematics, Jilin Normal University.
    • Sept.1982-Jul.1986, Undergraduate student at Department of Mathematics,Hunan Normal University.
  • Professional background:
  • Conferences:
    • July. 29-Aug. 2, 2003, 8th National conference on Lie algebras, University of Xiamen, Xiamen, China;
      invited talk: On good filtration dimension and finitistic dimension for stratified algebras.
    • Sept.24-Sept.27,2002, Advanced Seminar on Representation theory of Heck algebras and cellular algebras", Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China;
      invited talk: On good filtration dimensions for quasi-hereditary algebras.
    • Aug.29-Sep.3,2002, International Conference on Algebra--A Satellite Conference of ICM2002, Suzhou University, China;
      invited talk: Relations of Grothendieck groups of triangulated categories.
    • April. 16. 2002, Workshop at Antwerpen: Hopf algebras, noncommutative geometry and separable bimodules, Antwerpen, Belgium;
      invited talk: Separable bimodules and approximations.
    • Aug. 21-Sep.1,2000, The Ninth International Conference on the Representation Theory of Algebras, Beijing, China;
      invited talk: On Delta-good module categories arising from hereditary algebras.
    • Oct.10-14, 1999, 7th national comference on algebras, Beijing Normal University;
      invited talk: Relations for Grothendieck Groups of Quasi-Hereditary Algebras.
    • Aug. 31-Sep.4,1998, The 8.5th International Conference on the Representation Theory of Algebras, Bielefeld, Germany;
      the title of talk: Some combinatorial descriptions of coils.
    • Sep.7-Sep.11,1998, Workshop on Infinite dimensional modules, Bielefeld, Germany.


Research Interests

  • Cluster tilting theory, cluster categories and Calabi-Yau categories
  • Cluster algebras and Calabi-Yau algebras
  • Derived categories and triangulated categories.
  • Quasi-hereditary algebras and relatives.
  • Auslander-Reiten Theory.




    A.Buan(NTNU, Trondheim);K.Igusa(Brandeis Univ.) Shiping Liu(Univ. Sherbrooke); G.Todorov(Northeastern Univ.)

    Yu Zhou(NTNU, Trondheim), Yu Liu(Uppsala Univ.)


    Hiroyuki Nakaoka (Kagishima), 1.11.2016--4.11.2016

    Shiping Liu(Sherbrooke),

    Yu Zhou(NTNU)





    Recent Preprints







    47. Cotorsion pairs in cluster categories of type A_{\infty}^{\infty}(with Huimin Chang and Yu Zhou), see arXiv.1704.04019.

    To appear in Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series A


    46. Singularity categories of Gorenstein monomial algebras (with Ming Lu), see arXiv:1708.00311






    45.Cluster subalgebras and cotorsion pairs in Frobenius
    extriangulated categories (with Wen Chang, Panyue Zhou). arXiv:1610.05006


    44. Torsion pairs in finite 2-Calabi-Yau triangulated categories with maximal rigid objects (with Huimin Chang), see arXiv:1608.03734


    43.Triangulated quotient categories revisited (with Panyue Zhou), see arXiv:1608.000297. To appear in Journal of Algebra.




    42.Cluster automorphism groups and automorphism groups of exchange graphs (with Wen Chang), see arXiv:1506.02029


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    40. Ghost tilting objects in triangulated categories (with Wuzhong Yang), see arXiv:1506.00093;Title is changed as "Relative cluster tilting

    objects in triangulated categories". To appear in Transaction of A.M.S..


    39. On the automorphism groups of cluster algebras with coefficients (with Wen Chang), Sciences in China (Mathematics), Vol.59(10),

    1919-1936, 2016.arXiv:1506.01942




    38. On rooted cluster morphisms and cluster structures in 2-Calabi-Yau triangulated categories (with Wen Chang),

    J. Algebra 458, 387-421, 2016. See arXiv:1410.5702 .


    37. On cluster-tilting objects in triangulated categories with Serre duality (with Wuzhong Yang and Jie Zhang),

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    36. On support tau-tilting modules over endomorphism algebras of rigid objects(with Wen Chang and Jie Zhang),

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    35. Mutation of torsion pairs in triangulated categories and its geometric realization (with Yu Zhou), pdf. See arXiv:1105.3521 .

    Algeb and Rep Theory (to appear).


    Published Papers(1999-):

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